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We pride ourselves in the quality and efficiency of our work. Our reputation for quality enables us to continue to serve the public in all areas of electrical services and maintenance.

  • OFF Grid Solar Storage
  • Grid Connect Solar Installations
  • Solar water pump installations 1kw - 100kw
  • 200Amp CT Switchboard Installation
  • Pump Station Installations
  • VSD Installation and Programming
  • Nursing home repairs and scheduled maintenance
  • Shearing Shed Electrical Installations
  • Hot Water Repairs & Replacements
  • Installation Upgrades
  • Data And Telephone Cabling
  • C-BUS and automated systems
  • Point Of Attachment Repairs & Renewals
  • Loss of Power.
  • 24hr Emergency Call Out
  • EcoSAT Remote Monitoring
  • Mini Skid Loader & 1.5tonne Excavator available for hire
  • Energy Financing available 
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