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At RURALEC we have a keen interest in keeping in touch with the most up to date electrical products on the market. We do the research behind the new products and if we believe that a new product will save time, money, electricity and benefit our customers we will make sure that product is available for customers at a cost effective rate.

Save time, increase efficiency with the NHP’s SMS PumpControllers

NHP SMS Pump Controllers help avoid heavy shocks and abrupt variations of pressure in the pipework as well as the harmful effects of waterhammer. Built to suit the harsh conditions experienced in remote pump stations and allow controlled ramp-up and rampdown speed of your pump, these VariableSpeed Drives are available from 0.37kW toover 2.0 mW. In addition, the pump runspeed can also be adjusted to provide the right volume of water – save water, save electricity.

Control your pump systems

from your mobile phone

Save time, increase efficiency NHP’s new Short Message Service (SMS)Pump Controller is the ideal solution when controlling a remote pump. By sending an SMS from your mobile phone you can start, stop or enquire about the mode of operation of your pump. An SMS is also sent to your mobile phone notifying you of any changes in the pumps mode of operation, allowing you to be confident that your pump is working the way it should be.

The Prosoft Technology SMS Plug-in module

This module adds bi-directional SMS text messaging capability to the Allen-Bradley Micro830/850 family of controllers.

Operating over the GSM cellular network, this solution provides a cost-effective and secure method for OEMs to add remote

communication features using cellular phones as the user interface to their machines and systems. Applications include remote alarming,

environmental/ energy monitoring, data collection, machine condition, inventory status alerts and production counts.

Contact us for further information, obtain a free quote and to see if the pump controller is the right product for you.

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